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Civil & Environmental Engineering
San Antonio Based - Serving All of Texas

Givler Engineering, Inc. provides specialized expertise in water resources, dams, municipal projects, land development, and environmental regulation.

Solving Infrastructure and Environmental Problems for Texas Since 1999

GEI brings over 110 years of collective professional experience to bear on engineering challenges. We like the projects that others can't or won't do.

What is challenging you? Let us analyze your situation. We will arm you with information so that you can make good decisions. We will help you focus on what you really need and develop a sensible plan of attack.

How would you like to structure your project? We will help you plan the project to meet your needs. Some projects need to be done quickly. Some need to be phased over time to synchronize with funding availability or to mesh with other schedules.

Who do you need on the project team? We will help you find experts specializing in other disciplines, if needed. Let us put a professional partnership together to work for you.

What kind of solution do you need? We can design it for you. If you have drainage issues, need a stormwater plan, road, dam, or pipeline, we will develop construction documents and help you find a contractor. If you need a process established, we will write up procedures and develop form documents. And if you need a guide through the bureaucratic maze, we will give you a roadmap to show you the way and we will walk you through each step.

Good people. Smart technology. We are ready to help you!

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