Givler Engineering provides professional services for a wide spectrum of engineering and environmental projects. General services include:

  • Engineering
    • Studies
    • Planning
    • Design
    • Review
  • Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD)
  • Computer Modeling
    • Watershed
    • Rivers, Streams and Floodplains
    • Reservoirs
    • Dam Failures
  • Agency Coordination and Approvals
    • FEMA
    • EPA
    • TCEQ
    • US Army Corps of Engineers
    • Department of Parks and Wildlife
  • Observation and Inspection
    • Dams
    • Capital Improvement Projects
    • Subdivisions
    • High-End Home Site Development
    • Concrete Structures
    • Pavement
    • Storm Water Controls and Best Management Practices

Learn more below regarding our areas of specialization.

Municipal Engineering

Municipal engineering

Givler Engineering provides municipal engineering services to approximately ten cities throughout Bexar County, Texas. Typical services include evaluating infrastructure conditions and developing capital improvement projects and bond programs. We design street, drainage, and utility projects and provide administrative and observation services during construction. We develop coordination programs for utility projects within the public rights-of-way, and storm water management programs for reducing storm water pollution. We also review proposed development for compliance with municipal regulations.

Land Development

Land development

Givler Engineering, Inc. performs feasibility studies and designs subdivision plats, streets, drainage facilities, bridges, access, and utility services for residential and commercial subdivisions. We also develop Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans and coordinate agency review processes.

Water Resources

Water resources

Givler Engineering, Inc. performs hydrologic and hydraulic studies for flooding, reservoir operation, detention, dam failure, and water availability. We obtain water right permits and coordinate with floodplain administrators, the TCEQ, and FEMA. We develop Emergency Action Plans for areas downstream of significant and high-hazard dams. We also design new dams and develop repair and maintenance plans for existing dams.

Storm Water Pollution Prevention and Water Pollution Abatement Plans

Storm water pollution prevent and abatement

Givler Engineering, Inc. designs Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans for limiting pollutant discharges from construction sites. We also design Water Pollution Abatement Plans for construction sites and development located in aquifer recharge zones. Givler Engineering, Inc. designs and inspects temporary Control Measures such as silt fences, construction entrances, and sediment traps. We also design and inspect long-term post-construction Control Measures, such as water quality ponds, sediment ponds, filtration ponds, vegetated channels, and detention ponds. We solve maintenance problems for Best Management Practices and assist with acquiring easements and establishing inspection and maintenance agreements.

Custom Home Site Design and Rehab

Custom home site development

Givler Engineering, Inc. designs grading, drainage, and utility plans for high-end custom homes. We perform feasibility studies, design lot access, develop easements, and resolve land use conflicts. We specialize in developing remedies for challenging drainage situations with moisture barriers, French drains, and surface diversions. We also design measures to stabilize expansive clay soils, and we like to help clients harvest rainwater and shallow groundwater.

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